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PEACE... Moving Beyond War

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OMG it's like Twenty Sixteen
Doves from Above Peace Pax Aloha Shalohm

Whether real or imagined; opportunities for peace must be pursued for any chance of any peace at all...
Dove Above
International people with megaphones

If Syria, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbullah; would accept the right of Israel to exist; if Israel would recognise Palestine to exist within 95% of the Palestinian borders as established within the 1967 recognised borders, there could be peace among those people:There could be Peace.


still one of most beautiful women in the world

Actor Billy bob Thorton, not the most handsome guy in the world
got into a movie love scene very R-rated with Halle Berry, in the movie
"Monster Ball". He claims that his then wife, Angelina Jolie, started 
asking him some penetrating questions about the scene with a naked,
Halle Berry. [ from the same place as "Julia Roberts was married to
Lyle Lovitt"]

rkmsmon May 18 2011 3 42 PM crank phone calls Tutor Edited by rkmsmon on May 18, 2011 at 3:48:42 PM There is no way to block this. I have tried to stop this company from calling for the past 8 months. They call every day at least once a day. I have managed to get ahold of one of the organizations that uses these people and they stopped it for a week, but my phone number always gets back on their list. Believe me I have tried everything imaginable; from registering a complaint with the attorney general to begging. They are apparently used by the Republican party and other conservative organizations and they are relentless. AT&T will not help you and the do not call list does not include political calls so you, like myself are out of luck. Post Options 8 of 159 (103,506 views) Caller I.D. says only -1- -Out of Area-

 And who in the 'big' world do U trust?
the big gov-e-mint *the big corp-or-a-tion
that cuts yer hours and pension and benefits and yer four-zero-one K and say
we need no regulations because we would never release pollution into the ground and water and air and the media folks who guarantee to tell the truth the whole and nothing but the truth along with the lawyers and politicians and advertisers and did U know that if U 2 buy items that R egg-zactly the same, th identical item that cost more is better, uhm, because, if something costs more it has 2 Bee better **it BEE true as in we live in a land that leads in all true... Nevermind... 

PJ Whitman

                                    Will Be Free- 
                                    Garth Brooks
                                    This ain't coming from no prophet
                                    Just an ordinary man
                                    When I close my eyes, I see
                                    The way this world shall be
                                    When we all walk hand in hand
                                    When the last child cries for the crust of bread
                                    When the last man dies for just words that he said
                                    When there's shelter over the poorest head.....
                                    Then we shall be free
                                    When the last thing we notice is the color of skin
                                    And the first thing we look for is the beauty within
                                    When the skys and the oceans are clean again
                                    Then we shall be free
                                    We shall be free, we shall be free
                                    Stand straight and walk proud
                                    'Cause we shall be free
                                    When we're free to love anyone we choose
                                    And this worlds big enough for all different views
                                    When we all can worship from our own kind of pew
                                    Then we shall be free
                                    We shall be free, we shall be free
                                    Have a little faith, hold out
                                    'Cause we shall be free
                                    And when money talks for the very last time
                                    And no body walks a step behind
                                    When there's only one race, and that's mankind
                                    Then we shall be free
                                    We shall be free, We shall be free.
                                    Stand straight, walk proud
                                    'Cause we shall be free
                                    We shall be free, We shall be free
                                    Stand straight, have a little faith, walk proud
                                    Cause we shall be free
                                    We shall be free, we shall be free
                                    stand straight, walk proud
                                    Cause we shall be free